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Trade Show Tips – For Small Businesses

Small businesses play an important role in supporting local economies, providing employment, and creating innovative solutions. In the competitive business world, effective marketing is vital for a successful business. So, you need to use every opportunity you have to market your business to potential customers and prospects, and keep these trade show tips in mind.

Trade Show Tips

One of the most effective ways to share your brand with hundreds or thousands of prospects over a short period of time is trade shows. Interacting with your potential customers face-to-face can help solidify your brand recognition, increase your networking and sales, and give your services or products good publicity. However, planning for a successful trade show, especially for startups and growing companies can be very frustrating and challenging. In this article, we have rounded up top trade show tips for small businesses:

1. Choose the right trade show. 

What some business owners don’t realize is that the type of trade show they choose to attend can significantly impact the quality and quantity of leads and sales they receive. So, it’s important you take some time to research trade shows that are related to your industry, your target customers, and your business. If possible, call or meet the organizers of the show to find out about the exhibitors. If you have a green business, you may want to look at a trade show that specializes in sustainability. Many solar companies have benefited greatly from appearing at these trade shows. Selling a magnetic AC unit? Consider going to a home trade show. 

If you discover that your direct competitors are some exhibitors attending the show, then that’s a good sign that you need to be there, too. Additionally, while a smaller event could also impact your business, choosing to attend larger shows can lead to more leads and better results because the attendees will probably be many and you’ll have an opportunity to reach more prospects. 

Trade Show Tips

2. Create a budget for your show.

Attending an exhibition can be costly for small businesses. So, before you decide to attend, you need to consider all the costs of exhibiting including necessary display materials, booth rental, giveaway items, travel and food expenses, shipping costs, and internet connectivity. You need to set a budget to help you stay on track and avoid unnecessary expenses. A budget will also help you track your costs vs. return. 

3. Have your goals for the show. 

In the planning phase, you also need to define exactly what your business wants to achieve by attending the exhibition and then set goals and objectives that match that. Are you looking to solidify brand recognition, promote a certain service or product, gather new leads, or increase your sales? Your objectives will help you in determining how you set up the trade show booth, interact with your prospects and choosing what to give away during the show. 

4. Assemble all the necessary things for your booth. 

You don’t want to scramble the morning before the trade show. So, plan ahead of time how you’ll use your show space, how to design your booth, and all the items you’ll need. 


Don’t ignore the small details like a tablecloth or pens. Attending a trade show can greatly boost your business. So, take the time to plan for it well using the above trade show tips and it will be a success.