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Green Carpet Cleaning is What People Want

Over the past few years, there has been a massive trend in “going green” carpet cleaning. This is a direct result of the consumers wanting to get their carpets cleaned by “going green” companies. Stuart at DYW Carpet Cleaning in Phoenix says that they have to go where the demand is or they will get left behind. People want “green”, so you have to be able to give them that.

Carpet-CleaningNew York based company Ecodry Carpet Cleaning states that people understand that “green” carpet cleaning means fewer toxins in the air.

Additionally, when talking with a Madison, WI company Clean Green Wisconsin, they say that sometimes those toxic chemicals that get retained by your carpets will interact with elements that are already in there, this is a recipe for toxic vapor that is released into the air which is then breathed in by your pets and family.

It’s easy to see why more and more home owners are wanting to “go green” when it comes to services inside their home. It’s all about keeping their family safe from the thousands of toxins that are in your traditional carpet cleaning services. Next time, protect your family and go green!

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Solar Companies in Phoenix Go Greener!

As home owners placing solar panels on their homes in Phoenix, Arizona become more popular, so does the pressure to go greener. Articles from two Solar companies in Phoenix AZ, Solar Solutions Phoenix and Custom Solar Solutions AZ suggest that one of the best ways to “go green” is to go solar.

Solar has so many benefits for going green that you just can’t overlook them if you truly want to go green.

Environmental Benefits

The preservation of natural resources and clean air are the two major benefits for the environment by using solar panels in Phoenix.

Personal Benefits

Topping the list for personal benefits by using solar panels is the reduction of the amount of electricity that the household uses – which in turn lowers the energy bill.

Going Greener is what solar companies are striving for and homeowners are jumping on board.





The Importance of Green Businesses!

Have you heard?  Green is the new black!  Businesses all around the country are going above and beyond to be kinder to the environment.  This movement is making such a huge impact and actually makes the company look better in a social standpoint and makes the businesses more productive!  Sometimes making this adjustment comes at a hefty price initially but overall karma is karma!  There are many small steps a business can take in beginning the process of going green.  First, one of the oldest steps is carpooling.  Carpooling has been around for years.  Some green businesses are offering nice incentives for coworkers to ride together.  Not only is is nicer to the environment it also offers a way for coworkers to save money and collaborate!  Another easy way to make a step towards going green is to turn off the lights and computers.  Turning off the lights saves energy and saves on the cost of energy bill.

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Recycling in the office is another key in achieving a green business.  This little change has one of the most beneficial factors.  The blue cans you see are making an enormous daily impact on our planet.  Reduce, Reuse, Recycle are three words almost everyone is familiar with.  Encouraging your coworkers to eat local grown crops is also a change that can be beneficial.  Locally grown crops cuts down on the transport of these items and saves on packaging and energy used for processing.  Not only is it beneficial for the employee’s health but it also supports the local economy.  Not using bottled water is also another way businesses can go green.  Using a purified water dispenser is a good choice in the office.

Go Green 2There have been reports that there is a 20 percent decrease in employees calling in sick once the business went green.  Promoting a healthier environment is advantageous!  There are also tax benefits for companies that decide to go green.  For businesses that save on energy sources such as solar power and hybrid or electric automobiles there are incentive tax credits.  Since the going green boom started a while back more and more consumers are aware of the high impact it is making on our environment.  Consumers are now choosing companies that offer green products over other companies that have not made the switch.  They are becoming much more aware of the safety in green products such as: cleaning products, paints, plastics and much more for their homes and health.