Personal Fundraiser Ideas

Are you fundraising for an individual or personal cause? Maybe you need funds for research or to do your school project. Or you’re planning to attend university and need to raise funds to pay fees. Whatever the case is, there are plenty of great and innovative personal fundraising ideas that can help you reach your targets.

Personal Fundraiser Ideas

This post highlights some great fundraising ideas you can leverage to raise funds for your personal cause. it features amazing ideas that can help you reach your fundraising targets fast without spending too much.

Sell T-Shirts and ApparelPersonal Fundraiser Ideas

The good thing about T-shirts is that everyone loves a good tee and you can always customize them to highlight your project or cause. Pair this with your crowdfunding campaign to reach out to more potential donors. When setting up your crowdfunding campaign, consider coming up with giving levels so that each level corresponds to a different combination of items. You have a wide range of apparel from which to choose, ranging from hats and sweatshirts to mittens and scarves. You can also sell your apparel at a trade show.

Start a Penny Drive

Penny drives offer an easy way to raise funds without doing a lot of work. All you have to do is set up containers at strategic locations, preferably well-trafficked areas and let people know what you’re raising funds for. Penny drives will rarely raise a high amount of funds but it’s a great way to educate people about your personal cause or project you’re fundraising for. Moreover, people don’t have to give just pennies, they can donate as much as they’re willing to.

Write Letters

Letters can help you to raise funds because they allow you to explain why the fundraiser is important to you and encourage the recipients of your letters to support you by donating. The most critical thing to bear in mind when writing letters is to make them as personal as possible. You can also use letters to redirect potential donors to your crowdfunding campaign. 

Organize a Trivia Night

Organize a trivia night by partnering with a local restaurant or bar. Be sure to advertise well in advance and charge an admission fee for teams who want to participate in the contest. You can also ask the bar or restaurant manager to give you a portion of the sales from the trivia night to raise even more funds for your personal cause.

Have a Cook-OffPersonal Fundraiser Ideas

Invite your friends and family for a fun cook-off. You can all enjoy good food, friendly conversation and card games while raising money. Ask a few volunteers to enter the competition for a small fee. Give people the freedom to make anything they want and bring it to the competition. You can then ask your friends and family to taste each dish and vote by making a small contribution. For the winner, you can create a gift basket that goes along with your fundraiser.

Bottom Line

These personal fundraising ideas can help you to raise the funds you need for your cause. Other ideas to consider include walkathons, charity auctions, holding a bingo night, a rummage sale, organizing a house party and having a bake sale, among others. Think about your potential donors and choose an idea that will be most appealing to them.