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gift basket themes for fundraisers

Gift Basket Themes for Fundraisers

Who doesn’t love basket gifts? Most people would be happy to get and take them home after supporting your cause. However, you have to plan it well to get the desired results. One of the crucial areas is to come up with gift basket themes for fundraisers. It has to be something that will excite your target audiences and make them open their wallets.

gift basket themes for fundraisers

Gift Basket Themes for Fundraisers

This post has exciting themes that will make your fundraiser successful. The themes and tips here are simple but will deliver on your goals like champs and enjoy all of the benefits of fundraising. Pick what works for you best.


Targeting your gift baskets to pet owners will smash your expectations. Get pet toys, and put them in baskets. Include a range of toys for all types of pets. You can have more baskets of toys for the most common pets, like dogs and cats. 

Beauty and Skincare

You can anchor your gifts around beauty and skincare items. Makeup kits are going to excite a lot of ladies. Have a variety of those kits to appeal to a broad audience as possible. You can also go with hair care products. Explore all the options in beauty and settle for what might sell your fundraiser to many people — even at trade shows


Find what most people love to drink. You will have options for coffee, tea, wine, and beer cans. Ensure that you add some snacks to go with every type of beverage. Let people choose what they prefer. Be keen not to give beer to underage participants. People will have fun, and you will have money to support your organization. This way, you also won’t have to fuss around with different foods that you can sell at your fundraiser.


A lot of people love sports. Some are professionals, while others are just enthusiasts. Include baskets for athletes, fitness fanatics, gymnastics, and any other popular sports. Include training kits, jerseys, shoes, socks, and a collection of other items. Sports themes are one easy way to sell your fundraiser, and it gets interesting if you can organize a local tournament.


This one is more popular with teens and young adults. You are looking to get people who play a lot of games and would love some tech gear. Get an assortment of video games and their relevant gears. Do not go for the most expensive stuff. You are here to raise money not to spend it. 


It goes out to all auto owners in your locality. You should appeal to them with gifts that touch on their vehicles. Explore things like seat covers, battery starters, pressure gauges, and any other handy items for vehicle owners. You can as well include cleaning tools like buckets. 


Make it about love and use this to raise money. Go for flowers, dinner for two vouchers, movie tickets for two, and such like romantic things. You can also go big with a bed and breakfast weekend, a bottle of wine, and such things. 

Bottom Line 

It should not be hard to come up with gift basket themes for fundraisers. Go for things that ordinary people do all the time. It will surprise you how successful your fundraiser may turn out to be — especially if you photograph the baskets ahead of time and post them on social media to gain excitement. . 



How to Sell Fundraisers

How to Sell Fundraisers – Tips from the Pros

Raising money for your organization can be tough, but it doesn’t always have to be. If you’re looking to sell more fundraisers and raise more funds for your organization, continue reading to learn how to sell fundraisers.

How to Sell How to Sell Fundraisers Fundraisers

Before Starting Sales

Research the Plans of Other Fundraising Groups: Before starting your fundraiser project, you should also know about the fundraising plans and different ideas of the other groups in your immediate field.  

Get Your Team on the Same Platform: You should review the important activities and dates of your project by calling a meeting with your entire team so that everyone can know of everything.

Choose a Payment Method: When you are selling a fundraiser, then it is important to select a legitimate payment method to raise funds safely.

Provide Enough Time to Sell Fundraisers: You should provide enough time to your team to sell the fundraiser items effectively.

Reduce the Workload of the Teachers: You should make enough number of packets of fundraiser items so that they can be distributed directly to the mailboxes of all the teachers of each class.

After Starting the Sale

Start the Sale of Fundraisers: You can make the sale of your fundraiser successful by calling a kick-off assembly of your team.

Inform Parents About Your Fundraising Sale: The message about the program of fundraising sales for elementary school should be sent to parents so that they can also participate in it.

Send a Message in Writing: A product catalog with a cover letter in detail should be sent to the supporters of your campaign.

Include Option for Cash Donation Also: It will help the PTO to receive direct donations from the parents in response to your cover letter.

Collection Boxes Should Be Placed Conveniently: The boxes to place orders should be conveniently approachable for every donor.

Reminders Should be Sent Frequently: The students and their parents should be reminded about your fundraising campaign every now and then.

Payments Should Be Handled Carefully: You should be careful while handling payments against the order or the payment is called in advance with the order.

Plan for Pickups

  • Inform parents to pick up their orders from the school  
  • Do not store unclaimed items if any parent is unable to pick his/her order. They should ask the neighbor to do so for them   
  • Deploy volunteers to help you at the arrival of the merchandise
  • Pickup location should be easy to handle — especially if you have to collect payment at pickup

Handling of Money

  • Sellers should write the name of the students depositing their checks
  • Ask for a reliable volunteer to help you
  • Collect payment daily and before the due date
  • Check the payment collected with each order to avoid extra efforts
  • Count the cash collected
  • Deposit the cash in the bank account
  • Check if any check has bounced
  • Verify the amount collected with the head of the fundraising team

After the Sale is Over

  • Plan an assembly to encourage fundraising team
  • Show your concern about your team
  • Remind your team about your motive behind fundraising sale
  • Encourage the team to do better next time.


If you want to raise funds with good intentions, then you need to know how to sell fundraisers effectively and quickly. The tips provided in this article can help you and your team to sell fundraisers to raise funds for a noble cause successfully.